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    Is Nariko OP? A closer look at one of PS All-Stars' deadliest combos

    Cheers all, this is based on a feature article I just wrote for the home page.

    After digging through some character mechanics and combos (outlined primarily in the Prima guide), I came across what could be an OP combo for Nariko in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    I want to start a discussion about broken/OP characters in PlayStation All-Stars - strategies, counters, and the like. Please read my feature, then sound off here with your thoughts on Nariko or any other character.

    Here's a brief excerpt:

    Some of a truly great fighting game's most worthwhile secrets aren't immediately obvious, and characters that seemed balanced and valuable at first glance can become totally OP (or utterly worthless) given enough time on the competitive scene. With that in mind, I'd like to take a closer look at one of PlayStation All-Stars' quickest and most combo-centric fighters: Nariko, of Heavenly Sword fame. The female warrior - destined to lead her people to the promised land - is a perfect match for a game about kicking the living crap out of friends and enemies, but one move string in particular makes her highly effective - perhaps TOO effective - at doing so.

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    She is not OP in the hands of an average player, it takes time to learn those combos. A good player should use this combos in order to get to level 3 faster, because her level 1 and 2 suck.

    You may say Drake is OP because his barrel, or Kratos becuase he is dificult to attack to when he is moving his mid-range chains. At the end it will depend on how good the player is and how well he uses his character imo.

    A 150 AP combo from drake
    And setups

    So I really don't think she is OP.

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