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    Using my PS3 as a external HDD

    I already found countless amounts of suggestions how to connect my PS3 to my PC using applications like Windows Media Player, TVersity, Java PS3 Media Server, Red Kawa, etc.
    I am not interested in playing my PC content from my PS3.
    I am interested in using my PS3 storage space sort of like an external harddrive for various data.
    How exactly is this possible?

    My PS3 version: Slim 320GB, FW 4.31
    My PC: Windows 7

    My PC and PS3 are now currently connected via LAN and the devices found each other. Although I can't browse the PS3's storage space using my PC.

    Can someone please help me out?

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    This might have been possible of you had Linux on the PS3. But without it I doubt it.

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