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    Walking Dead Game. Go f*** yourself Kenny!

    Spoilers ahoy.

    Here's a thread for Kenny.

    I get that the more you have his back the more he has yours, but the amount of things you have to do for him to get him to like you is just unreasonable.
    It seems like unless you side with him on absolutely every occasion, he still acts like a dick to you. If you do everything for him, he will be there for you sometimes. If you help him/side with him 95% of the time, such as agreeing to leave the motel, feeding his son and him, giving Duck water, putting his son out of misery etc etc, but you couldn't bring yourself to kill Larry in that instant, he ALWAYS questions you. Even just trying to calm Larry down when he's raffing on about Duck being bitten in Episode 1, Kenny takes that as a betrayal, when all I was trying to was calm Larry down so he wouldn't try to kill the boy himself.

    When Lee gets bitten, I said i'd go by myself, Omid and Christa say no way and that they will help me no matter what because Clem is in danger, Kenny has the guts to say that if it was Lee he wouldn't help because "I don't have his back".
    Yeah, my reaction to that was "Go F**k yourself Kenny". He also leaves you to do die in one of the episodes.
    He kills Larry instantly, but is in denial about Duck that he endangers everyone by taking him with him. What a dick.

    "She saved your life Kenny"
    "Yeah but what has she done for me recently"
    Pretty much sums him up.

    Now Lilly is worse I grant you, but she was gone by episode 3 so it didn't matter as much to me.

    I guess this a compliment to the game that a character can irritate me so much.
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    I agree all the way. Just finished it last night. The game is mentally exhausting determining which choice is the right one. I figured out from the start there is no right or wrong in this game. IMO that's why it's so great but Kenny was too hypocritical but...

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    $#@! I wish they would hurry up and sort their $#@! out and release this on NZ PSN. Unless someone wants to gameshare it with me.

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