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    What's needed for the Number 1 headband?

    As many of you are probably aware. The current rumor around the interwebz is that VSXIII is going to be rebranded and released next year for the PS4...Now as Im sure we're all aware that every piece of information about this game should be taken with a mountain of salt. But what would the landscape for Next Gen look like if Sony had VSXIII and The Last Guardian exclusively released for the PS4 as launch titles?

    One of the many complaints for the PS3 (other than it's high price point) was the simple fact that for almost two years we went without a AAA game. Resistance and Uncharted were great but should have been so much more to justify the PS3s price point.

    Fast forward and I think Sony's time in last place has not only humbled them but reminded them that gamers dont go for brand...they go for games. So my question is essentially ..what would it take for Sony to be number 1 again this gen with the PS4?
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    Versus and The Last Guardian would be heaven for most of us on here, but I wouldn't say either of those games has enough mass appeal to make casual gamers want the system.

    However, it's not the casual gamers who buy consoles at launch. For the first six months of the PS4's life, those games would be more than enough for the early adopters.

    Going from there though, the PS4 will need something to attract Western gamers. AKA a shooter. lol

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