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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuuichi View Post
    Yeah they would cover it back up. I am very curious about hostage and what happened to them.
    I'm sure the fbi will spearhead. If not there will be conspiracy theories galore about an lapd cover up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyrde View Post
    Please stop it with the personal attacks and let's keep this conversation decent. Of course I wouldn't want to be a hostage, but honestly something as shocking as this kinda seems mandatory for a corrupt system to be exposed. I never said I hate cops. I never said I accept murder and the killer did wrong. I never said the people he shot were guilty of anything.

    The only thing I am saying, is that even though the murders are a terrible thing, they exposed something even more terrible. Sometimes bad things have to happen to achieve good things.

    If you decide to reply, please stop putting words into my mouth and reply to the point I made above.
    If he wanted to make a point why did he not just go after cops? Why their families? He was trying to be a hero but crossed the line into murder. I owe you an apology for what I said earlier. I was still a bit a hot and you did not deserve the way I came at you.

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