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Quote Originally Posted by Old Man Gamer View Post
So just to be clear, you're happy with MS relying on Gears, Halo and Forza to differentiate itself from Sony?

Sorry, but for me I need something more than two FPS's and a sim racer when I can get all of the third party games the Xbos has plus a TON of games that just aren't available on the the Xbox.

We'll see what, if anything, MS has up their sleeve for the next console. I'm hoping it's more than they have now. If it's not I switching to Sony.
Jesus it's like talking to a brick wall. Also i'l put any amounts of money on with you we get more exclusives than Halo, Forza & Gears nxt-gen. Hell im sure the Xbox has more exclusives than the 3 you keep mentioning??

Quote Originally Posted by Ghost-Rhayne View Post
Just comes down to different brews of gamer. There are those who are happy with MS's minimalist approach to exclusive games output. 3rd party and the fantastic four are enough for them.

There is another type of gamer who appreciates being rewarded for their investment in a console by having lots of industry leading exclusive content offered for it.

I am the latter.

Or there is people that purchase both consoles to get the best of both worlds.

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