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    Quote Originally Posted by baho View Post
    This picture right here looks insane, considerably better than even the 2005 CGI trailer:

    And i expect it to look a LOT better by the time E3 rolls around. My personal opinion is that although these games looked magnificent and clearly a generational leap, it was still apparent that they were done in a rush! Some obvious bad animations in KZ and obvious pop ins in Drive Club supports my claim.
    Yeah, you aren't kidding. There was an instance of horrible pop-in in the Killzone trailer, too. The part right after that Helghast jumps and lands into that hovercraft. It's like the game glitched out like crazy for a split second.

    It's just scary to think how good second-year PS4 games are going to look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bio
    Yep, NGP will retail at $300. We all know it's going to happen.

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