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An 'agree monkey'? You're basically calling him a fanboy, so I see you haven't learned your lesson. Take a few weeks off.

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Quote Originally Posted by Two4DaMoney View Post
This can go to hell on the same train as kinect. This sort of $#@! is not earning them any points with me.
i don't think there is anything MS could do to get points from you..
i'm sure your mate will be along to agree with you soon..

Quote Originally Posted by radgamer420 View Post
Yep same here. This is the same kind of crap MS will propably be boring us with at their 720 presentation in April. Core games will definitely take a backseat to Kinect 2.0, OS features and connectivity to Live through tablets, mobile phones, etc. along with watching TV shows and sports.
low and behold, your agree monkey has shown up..

take the blinkers off, those are two core games and MS is showing you how to get something extra from them.