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    Quote Originally Posted by Serinous View Post
    Yeh, how is the Last of Us demo??
    They get to play it on may 31. On gow 4 all they get is a countdown until may 31 when the demo goes live...two weeks before the game comes out. So if u bought It for the demo u got screeewwweddd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibby View Post
    I look at it from a different standpoint. Why the hell is a 7 considered a poor review these days? Everything below an 8.5 is considered $#@! by people these days and that is a terrible reviewing standard to adhere to.

    EDIT: pic related

    This is disgustingly accurate

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    I loved the others and I'm sure If you're a fan, you'll probably love the new one too. Just my theory. Oh, and it doesn't have to "Do something new, and innovate" to be great. If you love Pizza, everytime you order another one, does it have to be innovative for you to continue enjoying it?. Nuff Said.

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    I'm growing increasingly annoyed with this game. Sure it's ridiculously pretty, and the combat is still loads of fun, but the standard was set pretty high in GOW3 and Ascension isn't always living up to it. Things just aren't as polished, I'm frequently having issues making jumps to high platforms, and I thought we left instant death on failure QTE's (worse they have shifting patterns) in the dark ages. I'm currently in the Chamber of the Oracle and chasing Castor and Polux across the falling bridge, any miss anywhere in the chain kills you and makes you start from the beginning of the chain, then there's a QTE jumping sequence and the patterns change and I keep messing it up. The more frustrated I get the more I mess it up, the more frustrated I get. In GOW3 one of the improvements was the end the instant death for messing up a QTE. And the new camera is something I'm still getting used to, it is placed closer to Kratos most of the time, but every now and then it moves into a position that makes jumping over gaps harder than it should be. When things are working it's fun as always, but I've had several long chains of deaths playing trial and error to solve puzzles that are less enjoyable. On the plus side many of the trophies have silly names, I think I hacked open a monster's head and got a trophy called Open Minded.

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    Eurogamer just awarded it another solid 7.

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    This game is easily the best GOW game yet! the combat is so refined, and the adventure feel of GOW2 is there!!! The graphics and the soundtrack are just spectacular!!! And the multiplayer is really fun too, although right now I am getting my a$$ kicked lol XD.

    I really dont know why the hell some reviewers rate with a 7! WTF?! The game is at least a solid 8.5/10 considering the core elements of GOW are still there, but it feel fresh and really fun.

    For me though it is a 10/10. An awesome experience every PS3 owner must buy. I am playing the game for the 4th time in a row!! XD


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    Just came to post this
    Last battle! OMG how is that possible on current hardware let alone 7 year old hardware
    I was thinking this is typical GOW stuff looks great etc, guess the Wow has gone and I used to it then bam! WTF is my PS3 proccessing! How is this possible!

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