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    Battlefield 3: End game

    Well thats all folks.
    Last DLC and probably the last bug fixing patch the game will receive since every patch was released with a DLC.
    Seaking of patches they are quite large the latest one was 6GB plus the 4GB DLC so 10GB total :EEK: making the whole game 34.2GB in total this means my 60GB SSD full with 520MB to spare, it only has Windows, BF3 and a few drivers on it. Blahblah blah...

    So End Game introduces my all time fave game mode, CTF, it is fun and I am just starting to get into it and know whats what except the funky weird sounds that supposed to represent flags being taken and returned and other things one of which I think sounds alot like the noise we get when we get a message on Origin.
    What is needed is an announcer like in Unreal quke and Halo to inform us whats going on with the flag rather than supid noises that sound like someone jinging change intheir pocket or sending me a message.

    Like these.

    One thing I have noticed is there are a lot of noobs playing that have no clue how to play CTF, they keep shooting random guys and not targeting the flag carrier FIRST.
    Also shed load of whiners complaining about spawn rape (I prefer the term spawn killing.) Spawn killing in a CTF game mode when the flags are the bases and we all spawn around the flag, of course there is going to be spawn killing its how CTF has been played since its first invention.

    I swear its as though these kids ( i hope they are kids) have just been born yesterday and never ever heard of the game mode let alone played it before.
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