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    Quote Originally Posted by trunklott View Post
    Is having a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/significant other directly related to the amount of game time a person gets and/or is there a correlation with maturity level as well? Interesting...
    I would think that would be a hard correlation to encounter right now, but it might have been easier at an earlier time. The demographics have been changing regarding who plays video games for years and years and we are getting to a point where finally I am very pleased to say the female demographic is well represented. Not toppling or probably even equalized (in fact I guarantee it isn't) but its much closer. So having someone else in your life doesn't necessarily mean less gaming anymore as gaming is now a more likely couples activity.

    Of course the problem with this is before I even made this argument I was thinking about my own part of the sub-culture not the nation or world as a whole. Within my sphere of influence being a gamer would be a positive and sought after asset in searching for a romantic partner, just like having any other interests in common would. In other spheres it may not be important enough to be something sought after or may even be a negative trait. But in all my dating life I've only met one girl like the later - she didn't last long.

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    I actually do spend the majority of my free time using my PS3 for streaming on Netflix. It's either the PS3 or my iPhone. I do still play games, of course.

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    It makes sense. The more options there are in the system the more people tend to stray off the norm like gaming. I spend probably %65 of my time watching Netflix. I'm just kind of in a gaming funk right now though. Got so many backlogged but I don't want to jump into any right now.

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    I fall into that bracket. I go through slumps where I don't want to play any game at all, or I'll try to play one and just find myself bored with it. Even during these times the console gets heavy use from my girlfriend and I. We watch movies, TV shows, and put music on in the background while we're cleaning the house, doing chores, reading, or doing the horizontal jig.

    I think I'm one of the few who was really saddened hearing that the PS4 won't play music discs. My PS3 always has something rotating inside it, even if it's not a game.

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