Yes I've seen Claire in all her bogeyed glory
And what I ment by Killzone 3 is to compared that to FEAR on PC, That was the Crysis back before PS3 was released and it looks dated now
Crysis 3 is not the Crysis of nextgen
Yes therr will be games that look inferior to the PC highend version but there will also be games released on consoles that'll look better altogether,
And with some multiplat games having heavy requirements on PC (Hitman I'm looking at you)
it will be interesting to see how those highend PC's handle games that aren't based on 8 year old tech
As we don't have any real nextgen games we can't judge and too many people assuming they can run what they've seen on PS4 at 1440p @60fps on their current PC's ( yes I read people saying that) when they having trouble with some current gen games let alone real nextgen games
Yes developers have PC's that can run that stuff but those PC's are a lot more powerful then the highend PC's available now
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