View Poll Results: Would you pay extra for BC in PS4?

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  • Yes, I would prefer to pay more for a unit with full BC

    19 31.67%
  • Yes, I would prefer to pay less for BC game-by-game

    1 1.67%
  • Yes, I would pay for a subscription service for BC

    3 5.00%
  • I would rather buy a digital version or HD upgrade

    4 6.67%
  • No , I refuse to pay for it

    10 16.67%
  • I am not interested in BC

    23 38.33%
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    $#@! no...i wouldn`t pay anything for backward compatibility...include it for nowt, or don`t bother. We were good enough to buy ps1/2/3 games...

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    Adding backwards compatibility to the ps4 could push the price up a few hundred dollars. Imagine Sony marketing a 650.00 dollar console.

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    While backward compatability is a kind of cool feature it is fairly useless. My Wii U is totally 100#% compatible with Wii games but I still use my Wii to play them. It's a nice idea that doesn't really equate to sales in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    What's that supposed to mean? If I have the other consoles they're already hooked up to my TV...

    Sorry I should have elaborated. I was referring to my post in the OP. What I mean is if there was a way to connect your ps2 and ps3 to the ps4 (say through ethernet or a new port) in order to enhance the graphics (upscaling, AA, texture filtering, better frame rate, etc) use multitasking with ps4 OS (web browser, music, chat with friends), play with dualshock 4 or enhanced ps move would you utilize that? You could use your existing games and hardware, and it wouldn't drive up the price of the ps4 or have nearly as big R&D costs as emulation

    EDIT: It's interesting to see that the majority votes for the extreme opposites on the poll.
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    once the PS4 comes out I will trade in my PS3 for the PS4. There is not 1 game I would go back to and play for nostalgia on the PS3. While there were some good games, they were good but nothing special this gen.

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    No, I wouldn't pay extra for the hardware and I naively expected it to be in the console from the get go.

    The only way I'll consider paying for something is if they're using the likes of GaiKai to stream any game in the PS3 catalogue, and charged at a reasonable rate (I'm thinking 5-8 per month, max).

    To start selling Digital Download content on the PS3 and not allowing it to carry over to successor hardware is a glaring mistake. Especially since the PS4 will be using the same network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdoggy View Post
    once the PS4 comes out I will trade in my PS3 for the PS4. There is not 1 game I would go back to and play for nostalgia on the PS3. While there were some good games, they were good but nothing special this gen.
    Ye imo this generation didnt really had any gems i will be remembering by the time of next generation. Alot of the good games were just like blockbuster/popcorn movies this gen. At the top of my head the only gems i would say this generation had was Valkyria Chronicles, Assassins Creed series, LA Noire & Limbo well these are prob the 3-5 games i would look back as nostalgic in a generation or 2.

    I still think its a bad choice of not having atleast 1 console generation of BC though, its a bad choice by Sony to leave the PSN network of PS3 for themselves what exactly is the point then ?

    Anyway it has put a huge damper for me to actually invest in anything digital again with the name Sony on it. I doubt i will buy more than a handful of PSN games on the PS4 if i ever buy it. Steam is prob the only thing id buy for
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