Well I'm moving back home to the rural area here soon and the story remains the same. Still no broadband options that aren't over the air for me still! So right now I have an AT&T Mifi hotspot that has turned into a pile of $#@! after a firmware update some year or so ago, which still hasn't been fixed. The battery overheats when using it and eventually drains the battery down until it shuts off while charging. The unit can't be used without a battery in it and plugged in which is stupid. Not to mention the service in my area has gone to $#@! lately so I think I'm done with AT&T for my internet provider for now.

I recently found the Verizon Homefusion device and it says it is available in my area. I'm not looking forward to signing another contract, just out of hope that there will be some sort of Uverse or something that will come to my area. But I'm done holding my breath on that. So in short does anyone know much about the device and how well it works? I've seen some disheartening stuff from forums on Verizon saying it drops connection at least 5 times a day after a firmware update back in the fall of last year that still hasn't been fixed. Sounds quite familiar to me. Also I read a good bit of people saying that they would have data usage spikes at times when they weren't even home or had the unit off causing them to go way over their 10 GB allotment.

I'm just looking for something to game on mostly. I've read many places saying that it works great for gaming and you can play just about anything that isn't a data hog. I mostly just play Black Ops 2 which played fine on my Mifi when it worked ok. My area doesn't get the greatest service with AT&T but I have no idea how verizon is around where I live. I'm waiting for feedback from friends on facebook for that. Mostly I'm just up in the air if I want to go with such a new thing and have problems for the next 2 years and Verizon not wanting to do anything to fix it.

I tried Hughesnet gen4 at my mom's the other day and it was honestly pretty quick but there is the infamous latency issue there so that's pretty much out of the question. Not to mention they have the worst customer service ever. So does anyone have anything to say about the Homefusion? I'm kind of stuck right now because I don't know anyone who has it or has used it.