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    New info on Beyond: Two Souls

    This is a quote from a user on GT who posted this.

    Quote Originally Posted by d4ntes,9645...Dwie.html?bo=1 visited Quantic Dream studio and played the game. And I will try to translate most essential parts as best as I can

    - No Quick Time Event, new control model, bigger locations and more detailed faces (no other game could match)
    Emotions as still key element.
    - Game feels like something really new and fresh, new engine shows more details and better animation
    - Ellen Page face is a lot better than any other faces from Heavy Rain and L.A Noire, you can really see her emotions.
    - Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe spent a couple of weeks in motion capture studio.
    - Beyond is a record of 15 years of Jodie Holmes and Aiden - strange thing that is with her all the time, he's sometimes malicious but he's guarding her and not letting something to happen to Jodie.
    - Dafoe is Nathan Dawkins, scientins that is trying to understand what is happening to Jodie.
    - There is similarity betwen Jodie and Ellie from The Last of Us, and Ellen Page is not happy about it. Cage didn'y want to talk about it.
    - There will be no chronological order in the story. (you will play as Jodie for 8 year old to 23)
    - There are 40 versions of Jodie throughout the game
    - Jodie is the most realistic character in the history of videogames, from her face, to animations
    - There will be no QTE, but there will be some bullet-time sequences.
    - There will be more freedom while playing the game.
    - You will be able to travel by horse or motorbike.
    - You will always be able to control Aiden, he can "fly" everywhere and even through walls, but not to far from Jodie. He can move object or destroy them, unlock some doors from behind and so on.
    - In battle sequence ther was blocking and punching, but not with QTE. It was about speed and reflex.

    new gameplay video:

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    Dang. Some cool sounding features in there.

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    I just want this game already, thanks for sharing.

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    This will be PS3 GOTY for sure!

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