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Thread: Gaming fatigue?

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    I don't think you can go 24/7 and 365 days a year without getting fatigued here and there. I mean, i always enjoy a good game and playing online but some days i'm just not in to it as much as others.

    Balance is a good thing to have. If you're doing nothing but playing games that's just unhealthy anyway.

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    I want to play, God of War: Ascension and Bioshock: Infinite but whenever I go to the store to pick either, my interest fades quickly. I just don't want to deal with games anymore, at least that's the feeling I am getting.

    This will probably be temporary but it's a strong change for me. It could also be what, mankind said and I'm just sick of this generation of gaming dragging on for too long. Whatever it is, it better be over soon so that I can go back and finish my backlog.

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    Watch South Park. There's an episode where Stan see's nothing but $#@! in his life. Every movie he goes to is $#@!, every game he plays is $#@! and everything he does feels and looks like $#@!. You're going through that phase because I was too last year. It'll pass.

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    it's sorta been happening to me, I've recently switched universities and have been super-busy and really enjoying my web design classes. So much so that sometimes (sometimes) I pick studying over playing games as the more fun activity. I'm betting that its just the end-of-a-console-generation-blues and I'll pick right back up into the swing of things come next year.

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