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    Are we the ones who is losing ? As hardcore gamers...

    Lots of new techs coming out with the start of next-gen. PS4 reveal excited almost everone in the world, Xbox coming with something new and good ( for hardcore or casual , it doesn't matter, it will reach an audience or both maybe ) sooner or later. Yet there are some romors and news bugging me as a gamer, I feel like losing the hype for future.

    Companies are starting to get $#@!y, much more lately, we can see clear examples like MS creative director, saying #dealwithit and EA COO "It is an honor, you chose me "Worst company of the year"? by these users? not gonna care about that!".

    I am sure Sony have done some feasibility study about systems like always online, monthly/yearly membership stuff, blocking the used games to import PS4 , but there is no romor about that yet. ( I am sure one of the reasons is that they didn't find what they expected. )

    GreatSpaceKoaster once said IGN comments means nothing, I laughed at him back than but it seems companies ( at least big ones ) think exactly like him. Which scares me the most.

    Have we not enough numbers to shake the companies like old days? or enough nerd to whine and play at the sametime the game we love so much from the company we hate so much? whatever it is, what are your thoughts about this? are we going to lose ? Maybe not about next gen ( Ps4 - xbox 720) but later.


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    we are all losing. as consumers we are all losing. everyday in every way. corporations who does. it serve it's clients/customers as its true master will never truly care.

    I suspect a lot of those executives still think majority of gamers are still kids who won't think for themselves.

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