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    Namco-Bandai bringing Storm, Capsized, and Vessel to 360..

    Three formerly PC-only indie titles will be coming to XBLA and PSN thanks to Namco-Bandai. Storm and Vessel will be coming to both platforms, while Capsized will only be coming to XBLA.

    All three games were originally published on PC by indiePub, where they were well-regarded, if somewhat smaller games. This co-publishing deal with Namco-Bandai will allow them to find a much larger audience.

    “We’ve invested a lot of time and money into these great titles and believe Namco Bandai is well positioned to maximize their potential,” says Randy Schaal, indiePub president.

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    This is good news. I loved that Vessel game.

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    Loving the look of Vessel

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