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    Xbox 720 to have omni-spatial gesture and Glasses-Free 3D UI

    there is a good news for xbox lovers, especially those who are waiting for xbox 720, the next generation gaming console from microsoft. the us software giant has developed a unique user interface which will let users enjoy a 3d experience with wearing any glasses. The system is based on an advanced omni-spatial gesturing input mechanism. The patentbolt reveals that the new system could be applied to a wide range of devices like tv, smartphones or mobiles and gaming consoles. "the new gesturing technology is intended to provide users with a superior means of executing hover based gesturing on future devices that are accurately delivered on both regular and 3d user interfaces," the patentbolt further said. This would be a big move as far as gaming console is concerned as the rival playstation 4 gaming console is at its peak of fame due to its marvelous hardware specs and games likely to be the part of the console. This unique invention by microsoft will definitely give an edge to xbox 720, or whatever its name is, over ps4. Both of the gaming consoles are likely to be released in fourth quarter of 2013 with fans of both the devices are eagerly waiting for the next generation consoles.

    the company further says regarding its new technology that it could possibly be used in video game controller used by a user to affect objects displayed by an external display like tv or somethine else. "based on the first input (e.g., a rotation, a pinching, an elongating gesture), an object of the ui may be manipulated with an appropriate transformation (e.g., rotating the object, compressing the object, stretching the object)." so xbox lovers here comes a great accessory with your loved gaming console.

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