So as many of you know, PSU is going to EVE FanFest next week. FanFest is the annual fan gathering in Iceland, whichs hosts a whole slew of presentations, discussions and events. This year is especially epic because it marks the 10th year birthday of CCP's spaceship MMO EVE Online, as well as the launch of DUST 514's biggest build yet, Uprising. Below is a tentative list of all the events I'll be seeing. As far as I know, a lot of Fanfest is going to be streamed for free on CCP's twitchtv channel, so y'all can be there too!

15:00 ROUNDTABLE 2 - DUST 514 social interaction
16:00 ROUNDTABLE 3 - DUST 514 community
18:00 DUST 514 Keynote (18-20:00)

14:00 ROUNDTABLE 4 - DUST 514 Plan Low Sec
15:00 ROUNDTABLE 4 - DUST 514 The Sandbox
16:00 ROUNDTABLE 4 - DUST 514 Advancing the core

14:00 MULTIPLICITY - DUST 514 progression & gear
15:00 ROUNDTABLE 4 - DUST 514/EVE corps & alliances
16:00 ROUNDTABLE 4 - DUST 514 comb. roles and tactics
17:00 KEYNOTE - CCP Presents! (17-19:00)

13 hours of badassery over three days! There are other events that I'll check out too, but these will give a LOT of insight into the future of our beloved DUST 514.