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    Nintendo looks set to stop DS production

    Portable to retire this fiscal year, financial results suggest

    Nintendo looks set to stop production of its Nintendo DS handheld in the current fiscal year.
    Nintendo said today that it expects to sell ten million additional DS software units during the current business year ending March 31, 2014, but it offered no guidance for hardware sales, simply leaving the forecast column blank.Asked if this is indicative of plans to stop producing the hardware, a Nintendo UK representative would only offer the following statement: "Nintendo will continue to sell Nintendo DS Hardware but is not revealing a unit sales forecast at this time."
    To date, the dual-screened portable has sold more than 153 million units, easily making it the firm's best selling console. Only the PlayStation 2 has sold more (155 million).
    More than 933 million pieces of DS software have been sold since launch almost nine years ago.
    New Super Mario Bros. is the portable's best selling title at 30 million units, followed by Nintendogs (23.9 million) and Mario Kart DS (23.3 million).
    The DS was launched in 2004 in Japan and North America, followed by a European release in early 2005.
    The handheld has seen three redesigns during its lifespan; the smaller Nintendo DS Lite, camera-enabled Nintendo DSi and the larger Nintendo DSi XL.
    In 2011 Nintendo launched a successor handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. The platform holder revealed in its fiscal 2013 financial results this morning that 31 million 3DS units have been sold worldwide.


    Makes sense since 3DS is completely backwards compatible with DS, unlike PS3 with PS2 which both kinda needed to coexist.

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    Totally makes sense and is a smart move by Nintendo

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    BS. It isn't going to stop making the DS and rely solely on 3ds in the future. It's probably more along the lines of a new DS build coming.

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