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    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi
    It's been confirmed that the UE4 demo was not optimized for the PS4, it was also not run with 8GB in mind but about 2GB. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it just yet. Not to mention, it's a third party engine and UE has never been the best example out there. We will see custom engines on PS4 and they will likely outshine PC engines as they did this generation.
    Not sure if it is just me but the UE4 tech demo looks pretty underwhelming considering everything else that has been shown thus far. Maybe it was just a bad demo or just the art style sucks but I don't find it very impressive on anything.

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    I think what they mean is some of the tools being used in the new APU are not available in current PC hardware, like the Unified Ram

    Thank you itachi

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