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    New Xbox 360 update planned ahead of next Xbox release this year - report

    will let xbox 360 and next gen xbox players interact

    here's another xbox 360 dashboard update on the boil, ifverge sources are worth their salt. Microsoft will release the new dash update into public beta during late june or early july, the site claims, in order to prepare the ground for the launch of the next generation xbox later in the year.
    "we're told that the user interface will be refreshed alongside smaller live tiles, similar to what microsoft is preparing for windows 8.1. Microsoft is also said to be tweaking the look of the xbox dashboard, with the possibility of darker or lighter themes," it reads.
    the thinking behind the update, apparently, is to help xbox 360 users transition to the new console by letting them interact with xbox 360 users, by way of messaging, xbox live beacons and achievements. The finalised update is due for release in august, which suggests the new console itself will arrive in autumn/winter - hardly an off-the-wall supposition.

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    Help Xbox 360 users transition to the new console by letting them interact with Xbox 360 users? Huh?

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    got to love how MS continue to improve the front end on 360.

    of course, we'll get to see what the Infinity front end looks like next week, but 360 may give the majority of us the 1st chance to use it. if they are going to use it on both consoles.

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