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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyClaw View Post
    I was really hoping Microsoft was going to "bring it" this gen, I had planned to get both systems and competition is always good for the end user, but looking at the state of things now, I guess I will be a Playstation only gamer again! Guess that just leaves me with more money for PS4 games!
    Yep. Now I can get boh Killzone SF and Drive Club on the same day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefein View Post
    I just want to know what will happen if I let a friend borrow a game or vice versa. I've always done that.
    If they are smart the system will pop up and tell you someone else has installed your game and you can choose to "block or lend the game to them".
    Lending I would imagine give you options for how long they can borrow it for to maximum if a few days before it would ask you again.

    One good thing about all this, having been the subject of a couple of robberies would by it would make stealing xbox ones and their games useless.

    Microsoft has to base this on a percentage of the sale price and not a fixed fee. Why? Because they will get their ass sued as this actually is price fixing. You have to let the market decide what a second hand game is worth, if not then the second hand market will breakdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Completely Average View Post
    MOOT point. Not Mute point.

    The point may or may not produce sound. If the point does produce sound then it's obviously not mute.

    Sorry for going so far off topic, but that horrible phrase "mute point" really irritates me. It's a MOOT point.
    THANK you. That is one of my pet peeves. Drives me right up a wall.

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    May be he was using Swype...autocorrect

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