Ahh who here recalls playing this game? I was very young at the time and it was super difficult. I had to get one of those big book of cheats (internet was not even a thought then let alone a home computer) and find the way to get everything. This was a game that had a very deep RPG element to it, which was so surprising considering the first was a normal action. You had to get the parts of Dracula together then fight him. Seems odd yes but that's what you had to do. Whenever you saw Simons say the famous phrase, "what a horrible night to have a curse" you knew it was time to focus.

So yeah we got Lords of Shadow, and it was a good game. Even getting a sequal which is great and surprising considering it did not sell many copies. But what would be great is a Castlevania more tuned to how Simons Quest was. Even better an open world Castelvania complete with dungeons, sides quest, and a deep RPG character leveling system. Anyone else old like me and remember this game?