In the theme of the fighting games revival doa5 has gotten into the spirit of updated and and remixed versions of older games we have Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate coming out following the original and vita games.Now as we all now know there will be a free to play edition of DOA5U that will launch with the full version of the game for people to try their hands at this beautiful game and the wondrous bouncing boobies, I suggest those who are interested in fighting games but are kind of intimidated from fighting games to give this a try. (After all I did buy this game for the boobies and got surprised by the intresting gameplay)

The free version gives a rotation of characters (Ala LoL) the initial rotation is Kasumi Ayane,Ryu Hayabusa(Who will from here on be referred by me as Tommy)and Hayate all character that appeal to all skill types and all intensely rewarding characters as well as the most flashy. You also get every mode except story mode. You play not only players of the free version, but also with players of the retail version of DOA5U. Unlocked titles, costumes, and Story mode progress can be carried over from Dead or Alive 5. Additional characters are $3.95. Story mode is $14.95

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Since this is a remixed update of an older game some new systems and characters are added. From Virtua Fighter we get Jack Bryant and from Tecmo-Koei's line up you Momiji (From Ninja Gaiden) Rachel (From Ninja Gaiden and also the title holder of the biggest boobs) Ein (Another form of Hayate formed when he had lost his memory and knew bad ass Karate) Leon (From DOA2) aside from these additions more stages are added from older games and some combos have been changed and modified(Personally the most important part of the game)


Some of the new costumes

Older dlc costumes


Fansites that can help you get into the game and train you up:

Will be adding more info as things come on. If you guys see anything add to it and I shall add them to the OP if I have missed anything,

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