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Currently recruiting new members!
Come join us!

DK’s basic principles can be summed up in 5 words:
• HONOR the game and the players
• RESPECT everyone
• LOYALTY to your fellow clan mates
• MATURITY to know right from wrong
• TEAM WORK to ensure a well-played game

DK is a multi-platform, multi-cultural gaming community filled with people enthusiastic about the games they play. Founded in 2008 by 9 individuals striving for more than just a run of the mill gaming clan. They founded DK following their main tenants of honor, respect, loyalty, maturity, and team work. Now in 2013, DK is home to over a hundred active members! We look to evolve and become an even better clan than before!


[<+>] XBOX Division [DK]
Black Ops II

[<+>] PS3 Division [DKGC]
Black Ops II
Battlefield III

[<+>] PC Division [DKC]
Starcraft II
League of Legends
Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn (coming soon)

What we offer:
• Friendly Scrimmages
• A great set of Ally Clans
• Inter-clan Tournaments
• Private and Public Forums
• Daily/Weekly Practice Sessions
• Plenty of ways to stay connected
• An open and mature environment
• Participation in Public Tournaments
• A group of dedicated game leaders and staff members

And much more!

What we require from you:
• Must be at least 18 years old to apply
• Go through our rigorous recruitment process
• The ability to remain level-headed and calm during high-stress situations
• Must have access to a communication device in tandem with your gaming console or PC

Interested? Want more info? Please visit our forums!

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