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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabjabs View Post
    Not great that's for sure mind you the resolution isn't the big issue it's the strange position you have you hold your hands in to use it. Great for swipes and things like that but anything intricate and it quickly becomes a pain.
    I'd agree with that while in game, and you're trying to keep your hands positioned form access to the Sticks, D-pad/Buttons, and Triggers. But think outside the box as well. Tilt the controller a bit and I can see it over the top for UI usage / Even messaging using a Swype like keyboard access (could be made optional)

    To be honest in game, swiping gestures probably going to be the predominate usage, but I can see other potential uses.

    If touching it brought up a map and you had scroll, pinch to zoom, click, tap for functionality. I can see that used in a game. This is a situation where you don't need to keep your hand in position, and is not an extreme frequent usage in game.

    I'm sure there are more uses that will be discovered as time goes on.

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    Yes swiping gestures will probably be dominant, but think about all of the different ways mobile games use touch interface. Mobile developers could bring their games to ps4 with HD and special features. I'm almost certain the witness uses the touch pad extensively. You could have it as a secondary camera control/tertiary analog stick. Don't forget that it is multitouch and clickable. You could even use it as a keyboard. Infamous second son has players placing both of their thumbs on it to simulate Delsin sapping energy out of peoples heads.

    When I saw the new harmonix game, i thought it would work great for move or the touchpad. It's really up to the developers whether it becomes a gimmick or a useful function. It's the same reason they've included sixaxis and move-like tracking. It's all about giving the developers the canvas.

    I've always said that different interfaces work better for different situations. Just like a joystick for flight sims and wheels for racers. I personally hope the interface uses it, even as just a directional input to select items. I could see it being good for scrolling through lists but time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flumbooze View Post
    I bet it'll be used to wiggle around the boobs in DOA : PS4 edition.
    That's a use I can see happening. lol

    Seriously though, the touchscreen is a bit, don't know, gimmicky? I'll have to wait and see how it's implemented before making my mind.

    But without having tried the touchscreen or the XB1 controller, the vibrating triggers sound better.

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    at first i didn't get what they meant by touchscreen. i didn't put two and two together. if this is like the laptops then it's a nice addition and adds some interesting features that you can do on the touchpad.

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    I think the swipe screen would be nice during those annoying button ques. You know, like when Kratos is ripping off someone's head or when Joel is opening a garage door.

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