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Wow, just wow.

Soooo, you feel that Square-Enix should be a Nintendo exclusive publisher and never gone multiplatform, which is the ONLY reason their games began appearing on the Playstation in the first place?

And you think Konami should never have started going multiplatform and stuck with producing games exclusively for Atari.

Or maybe you just enjoy looking really silly as you suggest companies that were multiplatform more than a full decade before the first Playstation should never have gone multiplatform and thus should never have gone on to produce games for the Playstation.
Silly people who is like you who has nothing to understand as an empty brain person. Those companies were great not because of their games but because what PS1 enabled them to do and so on. Now, they have lack of sales and they only care about is sales increasing to earn them money. So, now who is enjoying looking silly as stupid person like you who doesn't understand nothing and just posting craps as you are.