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    Quote Originally Posted by TGO View Post
    And I still don't care, the game looks fun but it looks bargain bin fun like bulletstorm or UT3.

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    Yea, I have to agree with this. I honestly don't see what all the hype is about for this game. While it has certain gameplay aspects that are cool. I think the main point of the hype was created because it's ex CoD developers from infinite ward that made this. This game doesn't interest me one bit. One reason is I don't like mech games and another is I would rather play CoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admartian View Post
    The gameplay looks pretty fun. It's just a shame there isn't some type of SP campaign, or it wasn't little bit more open world, because that would be nuts!
    Yea, I love sci-fi games that are SP, also that are open-world. The only sci-fi game i have ever liked as an MP is Halo and that wasn't online (speaking about Halo 1 and i know about tunnel crap).

    I think barring any AC3-type last-minute letdowns (where it was hyped and spoken up in mags, online articles, tweets, previews etc right before launch; before underdelivering) it'll be fine. I dunno about the second coming, but I'm sure it'll be one of those things that make an impact.

    I'll put it this way; I'd be surprised if there wasn't a sequel released.
    I think it will definitely carve its own niche. Yea, i donno, if it does dethrone BF/COD, I'd be very surprised. It might even sell as much as BF or likely even more but no way it will dethrone COD.

    Why they don't have SP is because they're still a small developer and they want to focus on MP because that's what they do best. But yea, I would've liked it if they competed with Halo...because Halo really never took off as it should've imo. To see Halo 1 and seeing how amazing that was back in 2001...and then looking at Halo 4 in's like, wtf happened? They never really went beyond their own very-high bar they had set.

    I guess it was just not possible. Even looking at destiny, I don't feel anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantz View Post
    Bargain bin fun? Are u evem serious

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    Yeah why wouldn't I be serious?, but it wont be a bargain bin game if that's what ya asking
    Being an XBox One launch exclusive will stop that, but if it was a mid life cycle game that's multiplatform day 1 it would be in the bargain bin within 3 months, being connected to the Xbox One like it is and getting the hype as nothing else shines (nimo, I think theres better X1 games, but people choose TF) in the launch lineup except Forza 5 will guarantee a sequel too, which would have been unlikely if it released any other time on all platforms.
    But don't take my opinion too seriously, I'm basing this totally off what I've seen, I haven't played it and it might deserve the hype its getting, but from what we've seen and not played.....well you know I ain't gonna repeat myself.
    Destiny is another game.

    Yet again don't take it serious, I just ain't seen the Wow yet.

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    I think the game looks pretty fun with the wall running and jet pack. I'm not too into mechs but who knows maybe it'll work out good. I'm not saying this game is going to be badass for sure, I mean it could play like crap. But if it comes to ps4 ill give it a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi View Post
    its speculation and conjecture, but IF anyone truly believes that titanfall will stay exclusive is in for a rude awakening.
    After all that "Mass Effect will never come to ps3" (microsoft owned the publishing rights) nothing will remain exclusive when it comes to third party

    When something like Kingdom Hearts III, an inherently playstation install base driven series is coming to X1 without its predecessors ever being on the MS ecosystem, how can a brotastic shooter from EA remain exclusive? All I'm saying is I feel 90% chance titanfall gets annonced for ps4 next year
    I think we all agree with that. There really isn't a need to make up false rumors or claim it's been confirmed when it hasn't been. When it's gets announced we will know.

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