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    Unity announces support for Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows Phone

    Popular games engine comes to Microsoft By Lawrence Latif
    Fri Jun 28 2013, 15:45

    GAME ENGINE DEVELOPER Unity has announced that it will support Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows Phone.
    Unity has become one of the main game engines for developers wanting to make games on mobile devices, with the firm having a significant presence at the Game Developer Conference two months ago. Now the firm has announced a partnership with Microsoft that will see it support the firm's upcoming Xbox One games console along with the Windows Phone mobile operating system.
    Unity CEO David Helgason said that the firm's Windows Store Pro publishing add-on will be free when it is released. This means that developers who already have a Unity Pro 4 licence can port games to the Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system without having to pay an additional licence fee, a cost that is probably being subsidised at least in part by Microsoft, which is becoming more desperate to attract developers to its Windows Phone mobile operating system.
    Helgason said, "We also announced that we're collaborating with Microsoft to develop tools for the Xbox One entertainment system, including support for many next-generation features like enhanced Kinect gestures and recognition, multiplayer matchmaking, Smartglass and cloud stuff.
    "Oh, and developers who build games published by Microsoft Studios get the tools for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One free of charge."
    For Microsoft, Unity's support is key if it wants developers to start taking its Windows Phone mobile operating system seriously. Unity's support for Xbox One is not much of a surprise, because after all there are only three games consoles and game developers will want to work on an engine that supports most if not all of the consoles in order to keep costs down.

    Hmm what does this mean? I don't understand the scope of it but it sounds to be a good thing.

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    Sounds like solid news to me, will be great for those buying an X1 considering the scope of support.
    Gaming on all platforms right now.

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