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    Competitive Mode: God of War VS Razor's Edge VS Anarchy Reigns

    Competitive Mode: God of War VS Razor's Edge VS Anarchy Reigns

    i got God of War Ascension recently and mannnnn its so boring! i almost fall asleep! but to be fair maybe i play it in a hot warm day..... so.... but still i dont think its because of the hot warm day. its just so boring! i got up to level 10 or something.

    the character are so small! camera are zoomed too far out! cant see what my character doing and many time i lost sight of my character! i own God of War 1 on ps2 and played God of War 3 and finished it within a day and i dont remember the camera are so far out like in multiplayer in ascension.

    theres only 3 weapon type to choose from! sword, blunt and spear. i expected weapon types like claw glove, whips and all those weapons in God of War 3 but n0o0o0o! it seems too restrictive! whips are used for rage mode only.

    yes its in the league of Devil May Cry 1234 and Bayonetta when it comes to action with all those flashy colorful moves..... but what it differs is the feel of enemies flesh impact. it just doesnt feel as good as Devil may Cry 1234! pounding your blunt down to the ground feels powerful impact and epic! swifting your giant sword with glowing neon colors field with power and anguish! but when the blade actually impact on enemies flesh..... it just doesnt feel satisfying. japanese makes best flesh impact feel and the only western thats on par with japanese in this department are DarkSiders!

    overall i dont enjoy it. i cant force myself to like it. i tried to but i just cant. i dont have fun with it. all the playing was like a brace....... fall asleep. the player population is healthy though but still Uncharted 3 is still the biggest player base..... it finds a match within almost instantly! while God Of War Ascension took like 15 to 80 seconds to find full players. I dont touch its single player mode. im not so much of a single player gamer this gen. only reason I rented God Of War 3 and finish it is just to experience the HD bo0o0obs! expereice it by playing it through for yourself is satisfying and rewarding than looking at youtube.

    I see Ascension as God of War Online. just laughable when I see people reviews saying that it piss them off because the single player is so short. i mean who gives a poop on single player knowing that Ascension is more toned for Online? the far out camera zoom makes it almost feel like a native pc type of game..... like Diablo and whats that game called? where you have to choose gods for your side including this female faery in nice black thong and theres this tower looking giant monster in an arena style match forgot the name.

    Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge
    who plays this? how is the competitive mode? might trade Ascension for it. does it add any new maps from the original game? not really a fan of new gen Ninja Gaiden (first Xbox's Ninja Gaiden to current is new gen Ninja Gaiden) original Nintendo Ninja Gaiden was one of the best game i experienced but new gen comes along..... i just doesnt like the movement. it dont feel precised and no gripe. like the character feels sliding and doesnt walk right away right after you press directional. it just dont feel grippy like Devil May Cry 1234 or Bayonetta. is the competitive player population healthy? is it easy to find a match?

    Anarchy Reigns
    i own Anarchy Reigns since day 1. playing Bayonetta is awesome! but didnt play it for like 4 months. after i got bored with God Of War Ascension I put Anarchy Reigns on and mannnn it was night and day. so much fun and satisfaction! flesh impact feels awesome and everything feels awesome! the rap music makes the mood cool and fun! only problem with Anarch Reigns is Unstaple connectivity and too much modes resulting in sloppy player connectivity. the player base is so low! they need to fix up their connectivity and rebuild their modes to more simple stuff. example say like if 4 player is in a 16 player mode lobby....... have the players to vote if they want to go ahead and start the game and not wait for all 16 player to show up before starting.

    right now it is imposible to play in a 16 player modes. or even 8 player modes! as for now i can easily find oponent in 1 vs 1 cage match. and sometimes 2 vs 2 but still you have to wait a while for oponent to show up. still worth the wait though because once you game...... youll gamed! fun ass game. just low ass player base due to sloppy connectivity. cage mode can be boring if you play it continuously with the same oponent for 5,6 times though. best mode i enjoy is 2 vs 2 or 4 player royal rumble. those 8 and 16 player modes is fun too but impossible to game on it.

    sega should of put Bayonetta on the front cover and power up some advertisement for this game to be a hit but no0o0o. its like they take no effort on marketing this game.

    in your own opinion which of these game got better competitive mode that is fun to you?
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