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    Quote Originally Posted by TAZ427 View Post
    I'd have to say the same way you did (or should have done) in college. It's all about balance. You balance you school load, social life and gaming now. Out in the real world you balance your work load, social life and gaming.

    I'd have to say that after college, I went through a dry spell for a while, but that's because I had real money for the first time. I went out and enjoyed more social life, I traveled more for fun, etc. But I came back to some online PC gaming for a while. I got married, and had a kid, and gaming went out the frigging window for a few years. And it wasn't until the PS3 came out that I got back into gaming. I hadn't had a console since my NES and my PC had basically been taken over by the wife.

    Anway, that catches up a bit from Post College to PS3 era for me.

    Now, for the PS3 era and getting time for gaming. I must say I don't game a ton a lot of the year. There will be weeks I go w/o gaming at all. Then I grab a game and play a campaign through to the end. But it's usually 2-3hrs at a time. Not good to neglect the family (pisses the wife off and all that.)

    Then when the Holiday's come, I tend to grab a few games and play through the whole campaigns to a point that I've burnt myself out and don't even feel like playing for a while.

    Also, I don't play a lot of online gaming, especially FPS's. I'm not "Online Gamer" guy, I don't give a $#@! whether I'm Lvl 50 Prestige $#@!ES. I much prefer a cooperative online experience if I'm going to do it, but that's not what the majority want. That said, Destiny looks like one, that I'd play online a fair amount.
    I am mostly on the same boat as you! I do play online quite a bit though, but I too am not worried about being Lvl 50 Prestige either, I don't have time to do that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanGT View Post
    There's always the option of becoming a professional video gamer.
    that's a great idea where to get started? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by forrma View Post
    I ask the damn question because if I'm gonna be moving out of the house and getting an apartment and getting into the "real" world I wanted to know how some of the season vets still have time to game.
    Moving out is not that disastrous to gaming hobby, getting wife and kids is.
    There's still time now and then, but it's not so easy to take nice non interrupted 3 hour session.

    The best time would be during late evenings, but the early waking due to a baby at around ~6am makes it hard on a long run.
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    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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