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    Sony listened to devs about RAM back in 1994 - PS1 was to have 1 MB system RAM

    From Next Generation magazine #6 - June 1995.

    Sometime in 1994 before PlayStation was finalized, development systems
    only had 1 MB of main system RAM not to mention the 1 MB VRAM and 0.5 MB RAM for audio.

    Developers requested that PlayStation have an additional
    1 MB of main system RAM so they could make better games.

    Sony listened... they did recently with PS4.

    The final PlayStation had a total of 3.5 MB RAM:
    2 MB main + 1 MB VRAM + 0.5 MB for audio.

    Also, an interview with Ken Kutaragi from the same issue:
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    This is ridiculous to read. 1 MB extra ram? I nearly can't imagine it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flumbooze View Post
    This is ridiculous to read. 1 MB extra ram? I nearly can't imagine it.
    Think that's ridculous, try reading about the SNES CD-ROM add-on.
    There were actually THREE main versions.

    1. 16-Bit Nintendo-Sony "Play Station" (space intentional) dating back to an agreement in 1988, two years before the Super Famicom (SNES in Japan) was released. It would be both an add-on and a standalone combined Super Famicom (SNES) cartridge and Play Station CD-ROM machine.
    2. The 16-Bit Philips CD-ROM announced in 1991 at the Summer Consumer Electronics show in Chicago, thus stabbing Sony in the back, and paving the way for PS-X: the first PlayStation.
    3. A 32-Bit combined Nintendo-Philips-Sony "Nintendo Disc" (ND) CD-ROM add-on announced in 1992 with a 32-Bit co-processor, plus other chips, with CD discs in caddies with writable memory, canceled in 1993 when Nintendo and Silicon Graphics (SGI) announced a partnership for "Project Reality" which became the Nintendo Ultra 64 in 1994 and released as the Nintendo 64 in 1996.

    Now THAT's ridculous!

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