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    Micro-pausing during menus and some gameplay: HDD issue?


    For the past few months my PS3 has been stuttering and micro-pausing/micro-freezing.

    The first time that I noticed it was when playing Far Cry 3 and being on the menu screens. It would pause for between 1 - 3 seconds when on the title menu or the in-game menu. The actual gameplay when not in a menu and the cut-scene sequences were all absolutely fine.

    The next game was FIFA12 and this was shocking. The micro-pausing only occurred during gameplay and would sometimes pause for up to 15 seconds. This I found to be quite common but the fixes did not work for me.

    The next game that this happened with was Dead Island and it only happened once when there was a lot of action on the screen. It just stuttered all through the scene until the action calmed down. At this point I noticed that the little orange light on the PS3 (HDD light?) was flashing.

    The Playstation is a 120GB (I think) slim.

    Attempted fixes:

    To try to fix the micro-pausing with FIFA 12 I went into safe mode and restore the file system and also rebuild the database. I deleted all the game data that I had an reinstalled it from the discs and later reformatted the HDD.

    Nothing worked.

    Next options?

    I am left thinking that the HDD is damaged somehow or possibly the lens? I have never opened the PS3 or dropped it so the damage must just be general wear and tear.

    What should I try next? To put a new HDD in? Am just concerned that I spend money doing that then it turns out to be the lens and I have wasted money, etc. I was just going to hang on until PS4 but now I really want to play GTA V

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    Any ideas or tips for what to try next?

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    Well nobody responded, great forum.

    For those that may suffer from a similar issue in the future just to let you know how I solved it.

    Replaced the HDD.

    When you do that ensure you back up your saves onto a USB and download the latest firmware from the Sony PS site and put it on the USB in PS3\UPDATE folders.

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