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    More Dead Rising 3 details - Nightmare mode, Kinect motion controls, survivor upgrade

    It's cool that you can use Kinect for things with this game. I'm excited to play this.

    Screaming now a viable tactic, weapon customisation has been streamlined

    Lo, a hideous AusGamers preview/interview has shambled into the light, proffering new information about Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3. Within, producer Josh Bridge clarifies his earlier comments about the threequel's shunning of classic Dead Rising time restrictions, discusses the overhauled weapon customisation mechanics, and reveals a couple of nifty Kinect features.
    Dead Rising 3's vanilla mode operates without its predecessors' omnipresent countdown to disaster, but there's also a Nightmare Mode that's as rigorous as the original. "We purposely built a non time-restrictive mode and a completely time-restrictive mode - both following the same storyline," Bridge began.
    "So if you want to, it'll completely hand your ass to you with Nightmare Mode where the time-limit is going to be pushing you along a schedule - you're going to have to meet and finish the missions at a certain time or you're going to miss them; you're going to miss the optional content; you're going to run out of time - a bomb is going to likely nuke the whole area."You can only save in Washrooms and it [just] keeps that classic pressure," he went on. "But if you want to have the freedom to explore... we have a bigger world and there's even more stuff to do in it than any other Dead Rising, and if you want that and to take it all at your own leisure, that's there for you. You can even hop between both modes if you want - it all goes to the one profile and saves all your experience points."
    [Update: as Twitter user FractalDecay points out, the original Dead Rising does offer an Infinity Mode which functions much like Dead Rising 3's restriction-free mode, but this only became available after completing the game on normal and Overtime difficulty.]
    As with prior games, rescuing other survivors is a priority. They're a bit less bloody useless in a punch-up this time, however. "Survivors aren't just escort missions and babysitting, if you complete and help them out they're going to offer to help you out now. And now they'll just fight to their death with you.
    "You can direct them and give them perks and, actually, with the Kinect, we got it to detect your finger pointing which actually evokes a cursor in the game and you can just say "attack" instead of multiple button inputs." Another way you might use Kinect is by screaming to attract the attention of rampaging hordes, luring them away from delicious, nutritious NPCs.

    There's an assortment of smaller but worthwhile tweaks. Being a mechanic by trade, new lead Nick doesn't need to visit a workbench to customise his weapons. Your creations can now be stored in weapons lockers, making them accessible from any safehouse, and customisation blueprints are more flexible - eventually, you won't have to follow the exact recipe to craft any particular tool of destruction.
    Dead Rising 3 launches alongside Xbox One in November. It's one of around 60 confirmed Xbox One games.

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    after seing the recent post's/vids on this game. it will be the 1st game i play on Xbox ONE for sure.

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    I would love to see Dead Rising 3, with Kinect 2 use, while using Illumiroom in the dark. OMFG, imagine zombies coming at you from the sides or behind you!

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