this vita was never dropped or mishandled
last time i remember i used it with skype , the front facing camera
then i switched it off and packed it and never used it for a month
just yesterday when i came and wanted to dispose it off as i wanted to buy a ps3
i did a hard reset. then when i started it to check if things were fine i came across this problem
everything else is working fine
i have an 8 gigs card
when i got to the camera application the rear camera starts first. when i switch it to front camera the screen becomes black. then if i try to go back to the rear camera it does not go . it remains on the front camera. the rear camera works fine.
when i close the camera app. then restart the app again the camera app freezes.
i even updated the system software. rebuild the data base, formatted the card. still the front camera issue
pls help. what shud i do
i stay in india and i purchased this in usa and its a 3g model locked to at andt