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    Quote Originally Posted by avecha View Post
    Side note. Is it Legal in the States to defend your house and family, using force, on an intruder if they break into your house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I doubt there is any law that prevents or deters people from committing those crimes. If someone wants to commit a crime, they do it. It's not like people sort through the law books to ponder whether they should do it or not based on the laws lol.
    But when the proponents and authors of hate crime laws say these are to deter hate and send a message that this kind of thinking will not be tolerated. All it tells you is that you need to keep your hate views to yourself so you won't be convicted of a hate crime enhancer.

    Also... hate crime laws are written to be NEUTRAL, but in reality THEY ARE NOT. They say that if someone hurts you because of your RACE or SEXUAL ORIENTATION... that is a hate crime. That means if a black man beats up a white cuz of his race or a gay man beats up a straight man because of his orientation, they can be charged with hate crimes TOO.

    Now the REALITY.... If a white man beasts up a black man or a straight guy beats up a gay guy...... the FIRST THING they look for is whether this is a HATE CRIME.


    If a black guy beats up a white guy or a gay guy beasts up straight guy........ it's like HATE CRIME is #35 on the list of things to be looked for and in REALITY almost NEVER looked at in cases like that.

    HATE CRIME laws are written to PRETEND it applies to all equally..... but in REALITY.... hardly EVER even thought of, let alone CHARGED when it's a white guy or a straight guy on the receiving end of the HATE.

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