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    Square-Enix: Hiroyuki Ito Is 'putting some ideas together'

    I figured some members, especially Blacksite, would be curious as to what Hiroyuki Ito was up to (director of FFIX and co-director of FFVI and FFXII).

    Hashimoto provided some vague answers on what he's doing in a recent RPG Site interview:

    RPG Site: I can see Nomura-san's crew need the room back for their next interview, so I'm going to wrap up by betraying my inner fan and ask a more specific talent question - Hiroyuki Ito, the creator of ATB, the director of FF9 - my favourite, which of course you produced - and FF12... Is he still at the company - and is he working on anything that we already know about?

    Hashimoto: [laughs] You're a very unique journalist, asking about Ito-san! Yeah. He's still at Square Enix. He's been planning and doing some proposals for a new project at the moment, so... Really, he's the kind of guy that wants to challenge new things all the time, so, yeah. At the moment, he's doing... [laughs] He's putting some ideas together.

    RPG Site: I'm very interested to see what he does next. For RPG gameplay systems I really do feel he's one of the best there is; one of your strongest assets.

    Hashimoto: Like you say, he's very talented and very involved. He's very, very in-depth... he likes the depth of the gameplay systems side of things. He really loves to go really deep on mechanics and things, and that takes time. I'm very excited to see his ideas soon!
    There was a rumor that he was helming a main Final Fantasy installment, but it seems that's not the case, unless it's in a very early phase.

    Read the rest of the interview here:
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    Sorry, I missed this. Lol. I really do hope something comes out of it.

    Gameplay-wise, I can see a lot of potential if he were to develop something for the PlayStation 4. The old rumor about a Final Fantasy game where you could target different parts of an opponent's body sounded interesting.
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    I wonder what he has got in mind. I enjoyed FFIX.
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