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    How about a PS4 Ape Escape and Point Blank?

    Here, enjoy some appropriate background music while browing this therad:

    Ape Escape

    As many of you may remember, the first Ape Escape was released on PS1 and used the new analog sticks and vibration of the original DualShock controller. Players would control gadgets using the unique properties of the controller to capture escaped monkeys.

    I was thinking the other day about how great a PS4 Ape Escape would be. Think about it:

    The graphics probably wouldn't be very demanding, leaving processing power for other things. There could be much more action (and monkeys) on screen, more detailed and dynamic levels, and even some GPGPU stuff. How about user-created or randomly generated levels? Co-op and multiplayer?

    The game could be a perfect showcase for DS4 the same way it was for the original DS. New gadgets designed around the speaker, light bar, touchpad, sixaxis, analog triggers, and analog vibration. It could use ALL of these functions, not just some. It would be a great way to introduce people to the controller!

    PS Move support! For those of you who tried the Ape Escape for Move, you can get a sense of what kinds of things could be done here. Add in the navigation controller and the new camera and you've got yourself a great control scheme. There could be gadgets/levels designed specifically around it. What better way to capture monkeys than by actually swinging a net?

    Vita second screen support! The vita player could be the professor in a specially designed flying robot or a captured monkey with a mind control device assisting the players by spotting monkeys and maybe having a gadget or two of their own?

    Players could share video of how to capture those especially tricky monkeys, or even jump into their friend's games to show them how it's done. Perhaps send them items or even a new gadget? The game could be built around this concept!

    I really think this could be the perfect ps4 game. Taking full advantage of its feature set and giving ps4 more family friendly and co-op games. Give players a reason to dust off their vita's and move controllers. At the same time, giving hardcore gamers a challenge and some serious nostalgia.

    Point Blank

    For those of you who have played these games, you probably pulled out your wallet already.

    Point Blank (aka GunBullet) is a fast-paced 2 player rail shooter with a crazy ludicrous collection of mini games, both competitive and cooperative. Everything from traditional shoot bad guys and miss civilians, to precision one bullet attempts, to pull the trigger as fast as you can before you get hit by a train ahhh!

    Here's a taste of what I'm talking about:

    Not only would an HD collection be great (just update the Gunvari collection so Time Crisis is included too!) but a brand new game built from the ground up for Move! (As rail shooter ps3 fans can attest to, the Move is a phenomenal device for rail shooters but the games designed FOR move control much better)

    This could be one of those games with brutally hard trophies with a coveted platinum. Share functionality for bragging rights.

    It wouldn't be the shining example of Ape Escape, but it would make for a great party game that would drive camera, move, and gun accesory sales. And yes, nostalgia. Perhaps it could be a remake instead of an HD collection. Just add in a few new games and make the story mode for the second game the main campaign. That could satisfy both requirements. The live tiles for this game could show leaderboards or your friend's scores or maybe a new monthly game or challenge.

    So what do you guys think? Should Namco make it happen?
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    i would love a new ape escape title, i remember fondly the ps1 original. it was lot of fun and a great way to showcase the DS

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    I have an original working perfect PS3 and I still pop in Ape Escape 3 quite often, and occasoinally the first 2.

    Yes, I need renewed Ape Escapes for PS4.

    I would also like to see an Ape Escape spinoff game where they are the heroes. Maybe where you can control apes with different functions throughout a squad based platforming adventure? Ape Escape meets Mario 64 w/Squad aspects.
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    I would totally buy both. I'm shocked that a PS Move Point Blank hasn't been done yet

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    I NEED a new Point Blank game! My god those games were awesome, I remember spending tons of hours on them with my dad when I was little.

    I have never played a Ape Escape game though Are any of them available on PSN?

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    Didn't AE flop on PS3 though? They're making Knack atm but yeah it would be awesome.

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    i LOVED ape escape on the PS1!

    if it had the charm of the original, i'd be all for it.
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