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I sold my Vita after 10 days of owning it.. got more than I paid back for it. Don't regret selling it either. I just didn't like how it felt when holding it and there wasn't much for games that I wanted.

I have the first one on that page and I love it. Feels like a comfortable duelshock controller with a screen to me. I just really really like it better for all the games that didn't utilize the touch screen. It could have changed your mind. As for the lack of games I can't honestly be upset at anyone. I've only purchased three Vita games for it. Uncharted, MLB the Show, and Assassins Creed. I have purchased several psn games but mostly when PS+ is giving away games every month I have no need to buy anything....I couldn't ask for more because I'm always getting free games for it. That said Killzone is a definate purchase and if they could just release more games like that I would buy more...but if you have ps+....you probably never would have to buy a Vita game ever because they give away all you would want.