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Not really. You wouldn't catch me buying an xbox but calling them cancer is pretty silly. If they weren't around Sony wouldn't work so hard to make their consoles so great. I personally don't care about timed exclusives. If it puts money in the devs pocket then it's okay in my book. It costs a ridiculous amount of money to make a game, so if it helps them out by giving someone a timed exclusive then so be it. Having to wait a short while for it is not a big deal.
This is something of a problem though. If it costs "so much money" to make a AAA game that the devs/pubs have a hard time making a profit off of them, then something is wrong. Maybe AAA games are not good business, and maybe it's not a good thing to have one company with such a vast amount of money, throwing it around to twist the market to how they want it, instead of letting the gamers dictate it with where they put their money.

Personally I'm hoping that the PS4 this gens plays out like it did with the PS2. Lots of games, lots of variation, plenty of experiences, and in addition to all of that, a giant FU to a company that tried take ownership of the games that I purchased.