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    PS4 has hUMA and XBOne doesn't apparently... don't close my thread!

    I'm feeling elated at my earlier analysis.

    Like i said, the trace buffer like feature of the ESRAM BRAKES HUMA.
    We could still hear later this is wrong, but, I had a feeling it broke hUMA.

    There was no reason the PS4 wouldn't have hUMA and everything i'd seen on the hUMA equipped processors and the PS4 chips merely indicated that the PCIE links were instead being substituted for by the extra GPU bus for compute bypass, which is a pretty cool idea to avoid flushing buffers.

    As someone who's been tracking how graphics architectures differs since the AMIGA AGA chipset came out, i'll give myself a thumbs up!!!

    Ahh... and the excerpt from Ars over at neogaf... i believe i mentioned CACHE COHERENCY months ago?

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    Yeah, I knew PS4 was hUMA. Also, I think Cerny might have said something about it implying that the eS or eDRAM method possibly breaks hUMA. Everything Cerny talks about with the memory and CPU/GPU communication implies hUMA. Now it's fully confirmed.

    I don't think many people realize what this will mean starting from the 2nd or 3rd year of games. PS4 is gonna really be like a whole generation ahead of Xbone by 2015-2016 when comparing graphics and the scope of living open worlds. There's gonna be crazy stuff 1st parties will be doing not too long from now.

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