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    New Xbox One dashboard details

    up to six people can be logged in at once

    Plus, control your entire home entertainment setup using Kinect

    Xbox One's work-in-progress dashboard might currently resemble a slab of greenish basalt with Post-It notes stuck to it, but don't be afraid - the new interface is asizzling hotbed of innovation. A few new dash details have surfaced care of various Gamescom write-ups. Have a browse.
    For starters, up to six people can be logged into the Xbox One at once, thus rousing the tantalising prospect of six way splitscreen. Or not. As we've reported in the past, the console uses Kinect's face and voice recognition to identify players the second they pick up the pad (or when you say "Xbox [something or other]") loading in a personalised dash and content without further prompting. You could say "Xbox, play Fable Legends", for instance, and the console would immediately fire up your very own Legends save file from cold.

    The Xbox One's IR blaster isn't just for switching channels on the TV - it gives you control over individual components of an home entertainment setup, which can then be operated using voice commands (e.g. "Xbox, volume up"). "Xbox, record that" is how you'll trigger the Game DVR feature, which automatically records and (given permission) shares the past 30 seconds of gameplay in 720p and at 60 frames a second.

    Microsoft has also demoed the Snap functionality, which allows you to switch instantly between games and apps. You could pin a resized version of the Upload Studio video editor to one side of your screen, for instance, allowing you to operate it manually during play.

    Finally, there are details on "following" players. Xbox One has a friends list cap of 1000 people (though Microsoft has suggested that there's nothing to stop it raising the maximum headcount) and you can also "follow" a limitless number of players for more immediate, upfront feedback on their activities via a dedicated feed - what they're saying, what they're playing, Gamerscore, achievements and so forth.

    What do you think? Read our chat with Microsoft's Mike Lavin for more on how Xbox One's operating system works, and skip over to our convo with Chad Gibson and Boyd Multerer for details of Xbox One's "super-charged" Achievements system.
    Thanks to Pocket-Lint and Videogamer for their coverage.

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    Can't wait to try it out myself

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    Loving the multitasking on this console. It's something I have wanted with the Xbox 360. Glad we are getting it here.

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    Where are the new details?

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    that right,It's something I have wanted with the Xbox 360. Glad we are getting it here.

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