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    Gamescom Attendee's Impressions of Some XB1 Games

    I went to Germany last sunday for our website and today (Saturday) I returned home to my country The Netherlands. It was one amazing week with several surprises. The biggest one was that we got to see all the MS exclusives behind closed doors ALL running on Xbox One, no PC nonsense and all this while we didn't had appointments with MS originally. Simply because the MS PR lady from Holland didn't do a thing to help us out.

    So originally we didn't have appointments and without don't get really far. Luckily on tuesday right after Sony's pressconference we discovered a MS party where i showed photos of earlier last week. Two collegeaus of mine manached to get real Xbox One shirts and they used this to get us in at MS at the business center. They managed to make an appointment for a presentation of Dead Rising 3 and from there on....we saw Forza 5 as well, but also Ryse.....and Ryse...well....holy ****. Let's begin.

    Dead Rising 3

    The presentation started with some talk about the smartglass features, basically old news. But the devs also spoke about things i didn't know yet. They said that you will be able to have a posse of five survivors and they can be 'called' by using the tablet/phone. It will also be possible to use voicecommands or simply point into directions for the survivors to go by using Kinect. Old news is that there will be Smartglass exclusive missions.

    DR3 takes place three years after DR2 but that was about it for the story. DR3 will have two modes: Regular storymode and Nightmare mode. In the former there will be no timelimit and there will be autosaves and what not. I for one am happy about this, i hate a timer and i want to explore as long as i want. Nightmare mode means....if you die..the chapter restarts, also not autosaving. The guy from Capcom Vancouver also said this will be the most difficult DR game yet.

    We were told that the gameworld will be bigger than the worlds of DR and DR2 combined,so it's pretty damn big. I asked about if there will be some great interiors and they said there will be plenty, but they have to make sense. In their opinion in the previous games there were too many interiors that were just there, but also boring. They want them to be interesting and make sense. A brand new feature that they showed was vehicle combining and this was awesome. Think of combining a bulldozer with a truck/jeep, you'll get a big bad-ass combat truck that can take a lot of damage. Even better...combine a steamroller with a motorcycle and behold the rollercycle to simply flatten the undead against the pavement.

    In DR3 everything is a weapon, if it's on the ground and you can pick it up, you can use it as a weapon. The great thing about this is that every weapon that you pick up, will be added to the weapon locker automatically. Of course there will be weapon customisation, but the only example given was a bat with nails. I bet they don't want to spoil too much. The devs have paid some nice attention to details, cause you'll see plenty of that when you slice a zombie in half and so on. The protagonist was wearing a tuxedo and blood spatters got onto his clothes and stayed there, nice details.

    They also showed some funny outfits, like the bull outfit but also the shark outfit. They asked us what outfit we wanted to see and my collegeau said the shark outfit. But also got a very brief glimpse on the other outfits and there are plenty of crazy ones. Just like with the weapons, outfits will be added to the outfit locker right away. A.I. of zombies has been improved, they react to light and sound.

    Capcom Vancouver then revealed that they have a nice load of easter eggs in the game. Lots of them were about other Capcom games. They then showed the protagonist wearing a Ryu mask and doing a Dragon Punch attack, complete with the 'Shoryuken' voice. Or how about a Blanka lightning attack? All in there. I asked about Mega Man easter eggs and they replied in a teasing way, so who knows. DR3 will have multiple endings and there will be choices to make.

    I am very ****ing impressed with Dead Rising 3. But the game is not finished yet, while the anti-aliasing is definitely done well and in no way as bad as some other next-gen games, the framerate needs work. And i asked them about it, they said they are aiming for 30fps and that they make progress with this every week. It may not be the best looking next-gen game, but it looks pretty damn nice nonetheless and looks to be an insane amount of fun. If they get the framerate to a steady 30fps.....


    Me and my collegeau went into the little room where they had two HDTVs. One showed the protagonist in a test level and as soon as i saw it..i told my collegeau...dude....turn around and just look at this thing, just look at it. It had Marius standing in a field of grass, every grass piece moved in the wind and the colours were vibrant as hell and beautiful. The environment looked like a next-gen Oblivion, with the awesome colours and grass fields. They had this test map to show off the improved combat and also how enemies don't just wait around to attack you(like in Assassins creed where they just await their turn) but will actually swarm and corner you. Bit like Batman AA and AC, they don't just stand around and waste time.

    In this whole presentation we didn't see a single QTE, which is good news. They showed some spear throwing, Marius impaling enemies into obstacles and so on. They showed decapitations of arms and i asked if there will be parts where you can behead folks...cause i like gore in games like these. They said there will be some parts with that. You don't necessarily need to kill folks with executions at all. I also asked if this is just straight up hack and slash or if there will be exploration and climbing too. The guy said there will be plenty of climbing and exploration. And to show that off they showed us a new location, which basically was another test map but graphically just blew me the hell away. It looked a bit like a forest location, dead bodies impaled into objects, beautiful colours, lighting, no grainy shadows, awesome water effects and just insanely pretty.

    They gave a bit of info on multiplayer which is basically gladiators in the roman colleseum. There will be death traps and expect a lot of user generated content. There will be a multiplayer progression system, customizing of your character. Purchase items with ingame currence or real. There's a day/night cycle (not sure if for SP too) and beautiful weather effects.

    For me and my collegeau without a doubt the best looking next-gen game so far. I honestly did not expect it at all. Best of PC's in sight....only thing in sight was the X1 console with the power light on, and the X1 controller. I asked the dev if these amazing looking test levels will be in the game itself too, similar levels and they responded with....''even better''. They also said that they are currently not yet finished with the graphics cause..get this....they want it to look even prettier!

    Ryse is my number one of GC, simple as that. If they truly have exploration, climbing etc in this one with the awesome combat and not just hack and slash...this will be a winner.

    Forza 5

    Forza is simply not my kind of game. I love Horizon, but not the real Forza games. That said, it IS beautiful. But the cars still look a lot better in Forzavista than ingame. That is not to say it doesn't look great ingame though. They said this is their most ambitious Forza yet. Dedicated servers with the smartmatch tech. Every single car has Forzavista. They then showed the selection of championships and they said all of them are careers in their own right. I saw: Sport compact, Sport modern hot match, early sport hot match, modern sport, rally sport, super mini sport, sport rt, grand touring, exotic, vintage, specialized racing, class competition.

    They choose the 300SL Guilwing car and the track Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The presentation was a bit boring to be honest, cause the dev kept dawdling on about the improved physics, while just keeping the race at pause. He did reveal there they will have a track called Spa in it and they were very happy about it. There will also be F1 cars from the late 70s. I wish they had shown a lot more, but things i noticed was that the pavement looked very realistic and the sun effect truly was blinding. I also played this track myself on the normal showfloor and it was cool, i liked how the force feedback triggers felt.

    Dying Light

    At Warner Bros. we interviewed the dev and then played Dying Light. There was a X1 and PS4 build and i played the X1 build. I didn't know this beforehand and automatically thought this was running off PC. But when i asked ''About the next-gen do they look and run compared to this?'' and then he said that i actually had been playing the X1 build. He also said that they prefer the X1 as a console over the PS4. Personally i saw zero differences between the two versions there.

    The dev first gave me a short tutorial and then it was time to check it out. I love the freedom in this one,cause it truly IS Dead Island (well...the good parts of DI that is) combined with Mirrors Edge. You can climb pretty much anything and its awesome. From simple obstacles like fences to telephone poles and so on. Lighting was amazing, lovely details and when it becomes nighttime, it truly gets scary cause these crazies follow you all around and they can climb. Combat is a whole lot better than DI and there's no the ability to slide and then attack with a kick. I was very surprised that it truly was X1, cause i simply didn't expect it. Performance was great and the graphics simply damn impressive.
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    Is this guy verified in any way? It doesn't sound very legit.

    they got into an appointment only showcase because they had Xbox shirts on? And the dev casually told some guy he preferred xbox1 over ps4?
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    Nice read. Looking forward to the nextgen lvl of reviews and videos for sure.

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    You know when you can tell an article is full of crap? when they put every single little tiny whiny detail into the article. I mean, this article isn't missing one beat, in fact, every detail is explained so well that I find it to be a bunch of bull.

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    Good read and not surprised. Thanks for posting.

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    This makes me even more excited for Ryse. Good news.

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    Citation needed?

    What website does he write for anyway?

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    Shame he want be able to get one at launch.

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