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I'll say the same thing I said in the thread claiming PS4 had higher preorders than the PS2 and PS3.

Hardly any companies were taking preorders for consoles last generation. Now it is hard to find a company that isn't doing the preorder thing.

Not to mention the numbers. The gamestop I got my PS3 from got 6 PS3s in stock launch day, and 10 Xbox 360s.
This time they are getting 35 PS4s. (Probably more, since that was the number the day after E3)

Preorders being better than last gen mean nothing. It is completely expected.
Probably the best post this thread could have seen.

It is all timing, and what is the norm these days.

Case in point.. Justin Bieber now has the best single of all time, reason? they are now counting all digital listenings as sales. Pandora, Last.Fm, etc... all those count towards totals now too. SO on one hand you can say "he has the most successful single of all artists ever, including elvis" or you can say "take away the digital stuff and he is just a normal single artist"

Since times have changed, pre-orders are the thing to do... like you said, NATURALLY there will be more. It is just stupid for anyone to compare launch windows.