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    Please help to confirm which laser I need to buy

    Hi all,

    Good forum you guys have here, looks like there's plenty for me to read through! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something back to this place too

    So, on to my question. I need to replace the laser in my BluRay drive. The model number on my Playstation is CECHM03. I have taken apart the drive and had a look at all the stickers but I can't actually see which model the laser is. Below are the two stickers I could find in the drive. The first picture is a sticker on the laser mechanism, the second picture is the only sticker on the laser itself.

    Laser mechanism label
    Laser label

    Now to me it looks like the mechanism is the KEM-410ACA, which according to this wiki would make my laser the KES-410A?

    Could anyone please confirm before I go and order the laser?

    Thank you for reading
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    Right, just to update this if anyone else ever comes here with the same question.

    I bought the KES-410A laser and that solved the problem. I paid 8.50 from ebay. The Playstation now reads GTA V with no problems. I was also having an issue with GT5 in that 80% of the time I tried to load it I would get an error 80010514. This has also been resolved meaning it definitely relates to a faulty laser.

    I can only imagine the original laser had weakened and was unable to read the dual layer BluRay discs and that's why certain games would work (GTA IV) for example, whilst others wouldn't.

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    im having this same problem on my ps3! (except i havent tried single layer games yet) wouldnt read far cry 3 or GTA5, i could only imagone that they are both dual layer. the difference is i barely used my ps3 until recently when i purchased gta 5. i did play it for a little while on far cry, but that was it. your post has become very helpful to me! thank you.

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