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    Seeking Game Recommendations

    I'm stuck in a no-game-I'm-really-into rut until Beyond: Two Souls comes out. Suggestions for something around 10 hours single-player story/campaign, not co-op dependent or centric, would be appreciated. I'm playing Madden 25, and it's fine but it's sports and it's not exactly like diving into a great book. And GTA V, which for all it's marvel of scope, art direction, gameplay mechanics and technical achievement, the narrative, dialogue and overall plot just leaves me flat and when I play it I feel like I'm sitting down to work for a couple hours. (Not a knock on GTA fans. If you love it, you love it; it's a matter of personal gaming interests.) Also Killzone: Mercenary campaign on Vita, but it's very pick up/put down.

    Anyway, examples of things I've finished since last fall and either thoroughly enjoyed or loved and played avidly and for the most part daily, no particular order: DmC: Devil May Cry, the Tomb Raider reboot, The Last of Us, Remember Me, Dishonored right when it came out (very strict mechanics for no-kill play style a bit annoying; and narrative end was for me anticlimactic, but interesting enough to finish) I replayed BioShock all the way through on Xbox 360. Metro: Last Light I played about halfway and yawned out, same for Far Cry 3 -- both good games but didn't compel me to finish them.

    Suggestions along these lines very much appreciated. And dump as many on me as you can think of, as I've played a whole lot this console generation. Needs to be PS3 exclusive or just available on PS3, no 360 exclusives, as my sons now have a Wii U, a PS3 super slim and a 360 in their room and competition for gaming time on that TV is ridiculously cramped. Also, nothing too long or involved or a waste if you don't do all the side missions. I'm just trying to fit something in that's engaging enough to finish before Beyond: Two Souls is released. And at this point, I greatly prefer disc over a PSN-only title. No time for the Mass Effect trilogy; probably no time for a single Mass Effect game.

    Failing a pick, I suppose I just won't play anything until second of week of October. Oh, the horror.

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    How about:

    God of War: Ascension
    Resident Evil 6 and 5

    For the Vita,
    Gravity Rush
    Uncharted Golden Abyss

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