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    Major props to Microsoft support

    Ok, so I needed to validate my Windows 7 installation for bootcamp (iMac). I thought I had an extra key for it, but it turns out it was for Vista. Oh dang. So, I remember back last year that I had a Windows 8 key... so I installed Win 8 on my bootcamp partition, and let if fly.

    Well, I got a pop up saying that my activation wasn't completed and my product key was blocked. So, I open a chat session with Msoft support. He looked it all over and told me my product key was for an upgrade installation, not a clean installation. He asked if he could have remote access to my system.

    Yikes!! I was like, wtf.. fine. So I enabled the remote access and he went to town. Admin code here, id numbers there, more admin security codes, more id numbers... after a reboot, he activated the system as a full clean install with a legit product key.

    I was impressed that I wasn't just told, "Upgrade key can't be used for clean install, sorry". He went through a length of admin access clearances to activate a product that only cost me $15 almost a year ago. Just thought it was respectful for him to do it.

    +rep for Msoft tonight.

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    Unpossible, Microsoft is the great Satan, don't you know?

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