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    After my good experience with the PS Move (I got a tennis elbow by playing the tennis game in SC2 - OK no it wasn't a tennis elbow but it hurt like hell for 2 days), I hope to see amazing things with it for the PS4. Don't forget Sony was great at peripherals for the PS1/PS2 (dance mat, maracas, first camera, guns ...) so they can think of insane things.
    And I still hope for a Star Wars game - quite sure Microsoft has some kind of timed exclusivity for the license when they bought it for their Kinect game so maybe 2 years or 3 years Sony can't release a game with the SW license but maybe something can't be announced yet?

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    Perhaps. Not immediately. May wait till i see some good online prices for it. Especially since I'm tapped out on cash for anything else PS4 related.

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